September 6, 2016

Construction Drawing App for iPhone and iPad

Are you looking for a construction drawing app? Something to communicate quickly with? Sometimes the best way to communicate complicated construction on-site planning details is with a picture and a few scribbly notes. Maybe it’s a warranty issue, or trouble with tradesperson’s work. Maybe it’s to communicate a new idea or give instructions to someone…

Jabba Flow Lyrics Hey Jabba Song
May 26, 2016

“Jabba Flow” Lyrics and Translation from Huttese

Oh Jabba! If you’re looking for the lyrics to that catchy Star Wars: The Force Awakens cantina song, look no further! I’ve put together the best guess on these lyrics, compiled from a number of sources, including this post by Reddit user Explosive_Ewok as a starting point. The song is in Huttese, and is using words we’ve…

2016 Celebration KEY ART wallpaper widescreen high resolution 2400x4264
May 25, 2016

Star Wars Celebration 2016 Key Art Wallpaper Size

A great new image has been released for Star Wars Celebration Europe and here at Atom Draw app studio I immediately thought, “I want that as a wallpaper for my laptop!” So after a little photoshop work, I present a high resolution, 2400 x 4264 jpg of the wallpaper, nicely formatted for widescreen 16:9 monitors. Enjoy! (Click image to download…

Easily write on a screenshot with Atom Draw
March 22, 2016

Screenshot Editing App for iPhone

Want to markup / write on a screenshot on your iPhone or iPad? Atom Draw is the perfect easy-to-use solution for screenshot editing. With Atom Draw app, you can write on any picture in your camera-roll, including screen shots. With a screenshot, you might want to: • Censor • Underline • Circle • Black-out • Make notes…

Drawing app for kids - Atom Draw iPhone iPad iPod touch
March 22, 2016

Drawing App For Kids

A great new drawing app for kids: Atom Draw app was made with simplicity in mind, and the simplicity = fun for kids all over! Super easy-to-use drawing app for kids We created Atom Draw to be an intuitive and easy-to-use drawing app for kids (and big people too.) When you download Atom Draw and open…