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Atom Draw the Easiest Way to Draw on a Picture

Are you looking for a really simple way to draw on a photo? Start dancing, because you just found the solution – a really easy to use iPhone app, made by me, for you!

Finally, you can easily draw something on a picture and send it to someone.

Draw On A Picture App:

I created Atom Draw (Download it now on the App Store) to solve this very problem.

Here’s why it happened:

My wife and I were on a road trip downtown for our daily vietnamese addiction, when my wife SCREAMED at full volume. We’ve been married almost 10 years, so I know now not to swerve and slam on the brakes. Cause she probably saw something cute.

Sure enough, hanging out of the window of the car in the nearby lane, are the CUTEST PUPPIES you’ve ever seen.

How to draw an arrow to really cute puppies

But I soon realize why my wife is (still) shrieking with glee: One of the puppies has an absurdly long tongue. It’s out of control. Like dragging-on-the-pavement long.

So my wife snaps a photo as the truck pulls away – she HAS to text this pic to her mom. But she realizes the puppies are a little small in the photo, and she wants to draw an arrow to show her mom WHICH puppy’s gonna be the cutest slobber factory in existence.

“I just want to draw a line on a photo!” she says. “How hard can it be?!”


The most intuitive app to draw on pictures

My wife LOVES Atom Draw, because it solved the most basic photo problem, in what I think is a really awesome, intuitive way.

You can draw or scribble or write on a picture, and easily send it to a friend or colleague. Email, text, social, or whatever – built right in.

Draw an arrow on a photo of dog with crazy long tongue

And the colour-picker is totally original and great! You’ve never used anything like it, I promise.

Download the app today. It’s priced modestly to support us adding new features… and there’s no ads or in-app purchases. 100% of current and future features are included in one small price.

If you love the app, please tell us why on Twitter! @atomdraw.

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