Drawing Alternative to Snapchat

Easy screenshot drawing app for iPhone

Would you like to draw on a picture, just like in snapchat, but on any picture from your camera roll?

Atom Draw is the perfect snapchat alternative for just drawing on any picture. In fact, Atom Draw is BETTER than snapchat for drawing. It’s easier to use, and a lot more fun!

Draw on a photo app called Atom Draw

Sharing drawings and photos outside of snapchat is hard. If you want to draw on a picture, but not share it to anyone on snapchat, you have to go through a really long process.

But with Atom Draw, a great new simple app, in a few taps you can draw on a picture and then share via sms, text, tweet, email, share on Facebook or Airdrop to a friend, and more.


It’s really intuitive, and I know you’ll love it, just like NewShabba:

★★★★★ “Cool alternative to snapchat. Hyped that I can use anything in my camera roll and quickly play with it before sending to my friends.” 

Here’s a super-sweet Star Wars -inspired drawing featuring female ROTJ Luke Skywalker and BB-8, taken at the premiere of The Force Awakens. ?

Snapchat Draw on a friend like a Jedi with BB-8

You can download Atom Draw on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (Universal App). Heads-up: It’s a paid app, so that mean’s you get the benefit of NO advertising and NO in-app purchases.

Get drawing right now!

Download best drawing app for iPhone today

Atom Draw is available on the App Store as a Universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download now.

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