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Who made Atom Draw?

Atom Draw is made by Joshua Baker, Jessica Baker, and Daniel Kuntz with contributions by Amy Reusch and Brent Gratias.

DEVICES: What devices does Atom Draw work on?

Our incredible little drawing app is made for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
• iPhone 4S
• iPhone 5
• iPhone 5s
• iPhone 6
• iPhone 6 Plus
• iPhone 6s
• iPhone 6s Plus
• iPad mini
• iPad 2
• iPad Air
• iPad Air 2
• iPad Retina (4th Gen)
• iPad Pro

It works on devices running iOS 8.0 and higher.

What can I do with Atom Draw?

Atom Draw, you can draw on a picture/photo. Quickly, easily. No fancy menus or complicated features or confusing anything. It just works, and I know you’ll love it.

What kind of images does Atom Draw support?

Atom Draw can draw on anything that is in your iPhone/iPad camera roll, or a fresh picture from your FaceTime or iSight camera.

BLOCKING ME: The brush / dot / menu is in my way!

The Atom Menu / brush does not move, but the canvas does! Use two fingers to drag the picture or zoom to get a new view. Also, you can rotate your device to move the Atom Menu / brush to the left or right side of your canvas, getting it right our of the way.

BRUSH: How do I make the brush bigger or smaller?

Easy! When the atom brush is closed, simply drag up or down on the brush itself to grow or shrink the size.

ZOOM: How do I zoom in, or move the photo around?

Simply use two-fingers on the screen and pinch to zoom in, and pan around. If the atom brush is in your way, just zoom in a little, and you’ll be able to move the picture around.

STYLUS: Does Atom Draw work with a Stylus?

Yes! It works really well with a stylus, but not required. We made Atom Draw for fast and easy drawing with just your finger.

PRICE: Why isn't it free!?

Atom Draw is a paid app because it has no advertising, no watermarks, or surprise in-app purchases. You’ll find all those things in free apps. With Atom Draw, you buy once, and get ALL features! App Store prices vary by country.

Are there any in-app purchases?

No! Everything is included in the one-time purchase price.

How do I erase?

There is no eraser tool (yet). But there is an Undo button with an elephant’s memory.

iPad: Is it designed for iPad too?

Yes! Atom Draw is a full screen universal iPad + iPhone app. Drawing on the iPad is so sweet.

ANDROID: Is Atom Draw available for Android?

Not yet. Only available for iOS.

PDF: Does Atom Draw support PDF markup?

Not yet. We support images from your camera or photo library.

Can I automatically save any original photos taken with Atom Draw?

Yes. In your iOS Device Settings, find Atom Draw among the list of apps, then turn on “Save Copy of Original Photo”


What features are coming?

Our number one goal is simplicity. But I do have more features planned, including eraser, brush styles, and more! By buying this app, you support my wife and I to continue to develop this easy and intuitive drawing app. Thank you for your support!

SUPPORT: I have a question or suggestion!

If we didn’t answer your question above, please send us a message using the Contact Form here. 

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