How to draw on pictures in iOS 10 without using iMessage – App for Drawing


Apple’s iOS 10 has a slick new feature built into Messages app that allows you to draw on photos before you send them out in a blue bubble.

But what if you want to draw on a picture without using iMessage? Maybe you want to save the photo to your camera roll, or share via Twitter or Instagram or Email? Is it possible to draw on a picture outside of Messages?

You’ll need a third party drawing app for that.

This is why we made Atom Draw, the easiest way to draw on a picture for iPhone and iPad.

Download best drawing app for iPhone today

With Atom Draw app, you can easily draw on a photo. It’s actually easier than clunky iMessage method, or Snapchat like some people have resorted to.

This app was designed with minimalism and great user experience in mind.

Use Atom Draw to draw on a picture and then
• Save to Camera Roll
• Save to Dropbox / Google Drive
• Share via Twitter
• Share via Facebook
• Share via Messages or WhatsApp or WeChat or Hangouts or whatever your chat messenger of preference

Atom Draw is also better for businesses needing a fast drawing app, like construction or event planning or sign making.


If you’re looking for a minimal, beautifully designed drawing app, consider Atom Draw.

Happy drawing!


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