Just Released: Atom Draw 1.2, featuring iPhone landscape drawing and original photo saving

Atom Draw 1.2 Features

Atom Draw is loved around the globe, reaching top-10 status in over 18 countries in photo category. The reason Atom Draw is ranked so high is because of its unique minimal design that makes drawing a picture quick and easy for anyone.

draw on photos easily

“Simple and helpful to add notes to a photo” – recent user review.

Today, Atom Draw 1.2 was just made available in the App Store (download here), with two small but important features (on our way to a larger artistic release coming soon.)

  1. Landscape drawing. If you rotate your iPhone or iPod touch, you can draw in landscape mode. (A feature iPad users have enjoyed for some time.) This may seem like a small update, but it’s the best way to make use of your smaller screen. The little Atom Menu will never been in your way again.
  2. Autosave original photo. You can turn on a new feature, that was requested by a sign-maker client of ours. When on location, they wanted the ability to save any original photos taken with the camera automatically, in addition to the “drawn on” photos. Good news, all your sign-makers and pre-visualizers: You can enable this Atom Draw feature today in iOS Settings > Atom Draw!



We are in active development of more features, including eraser and more artistic tools. Follow @atomdraw on Twitter and Instagram to find out when new features are released!

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