What it’s like to submit an app to the App Store

Draw on a photo app called Atom Draw

That exciting moment when you “Submit” your app to the App Store for review and approval for sale. “MAN, I sure hope we got all the details right!”

I had a plan for the screenshots. They were going to be a 5-panel comic strip (This is a drawing app, after all!) But, after talking with friends and getting opinions, it became clear I needed to change my strategy – they all liked other pictures better!

After deciding what screenshots we wanted to use, what search keywords, and writing a fancy description, we then need to translate it all into 28 languages. Yikes.

“Lemme just do that before I go to bed…”

The obvious easy plan is to use Google Translate, but after auto-translating English description into Korean, and having my Korean friend read the results, we realize Google Translate is not going to help our cause.

The Korean translation was a confusing mess! So, to look good in the App Store ALL over the world, we need native-speakers to translate.

Enter Fiverr.com – a service I’ve known about for a long time, but never had a need – until now!! For just 5 bucks + fees, someone will manually translate our app description into something much nicer to read in their language ~ A worthy investment!

Today (Nov 6th, 2015) the app was submitted, and now we wait. (Patience, Josh… Patience.)

According to @appreviewtimes, if Apple is happy with our submission, we’ll be on the store in 7 day! Set your calendar – we sure did!

In the meantime, we’re featuring photos that our friends and beta testers have made on our new Instagram account > Instagram.com/atomdraw. Follow us there to get inspired and hear when Atom Draw goes live!

UPDATE November 12, 2015 18:17: Atom Draw is now available in the App Store! Download it now!

Jess's Baking Buddy made with Atom Draw


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