Where to Get the Best iPhone 7 Deals and Promos in Canada


So if you’re like me, you love a good deal.  This week, the iPhone 7 was made available on pre-order… and to save a few dollars, you’re probably searching for a sweet deal on dat iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

Where do I get the best deal buying a new iPhone 7 in Canada?

Which stores or carriers have the best promotions? 

I’m gonna break down all the best deals to get a new iPhone on the different carriers in Canada, so you don’t have to drop full price on that pre-order to have a brand new iPhone next week.


Real talk: The iPhone upgrade cost

Aight so iPhone 7 in Canada is going to cost you at least $400 on a 2-year cell contract. Because USD-to-CAD exchange rate ain’t so hot, full Canadian price for the base 32GB iPhone 7 is a whopping $899. So if your heart is set on an iPhone (like me), any deals or promos we can wrangle will help.

Whatever you do, do NOT fall for “Premium Plus” carrier plans. Do some math: You save $200 up front, to pay $480 more over 2-years, for a worse contract. So don’t be tempted. I was actually told today by a Telus employee how awful this “deal” is.

Let’s find some real deals…. first, let’s start with basic pricing.




Canadian iPhone 7 Pricing

These prices are for Telus, Koodo, Bell, Rogers, Fido, and SaskTel.

iPhone 7 No Contract 2-Year Contract
iPhone 7 32GB $899 $400
iPhone 7 128GB $1029 $530
iPhone 7 256GB $1159 $660
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB $1049 $550
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB $1179 $680
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB $1,309 $800


Get rid dat old iPhone

Usually I spit-shine my 2-year-old iPhone and throw it up on Kijiji. My current outdated dinosaur of a smartphone is the 64GB iPhone 6, and all the other similar iPhones on Kijiji.ca are hovering around $500 asking… which means I’d probably sell it for $450-480.

But if you’re a little annoyed by Kijiji-people (The whole yeah-dude-Imma-be-there-right-away-no-show gets tiring). You can try Canadian iPhone reseller website Orchard. The price the say they can sell my phone for is really high… $400, with shipping covered. Booya.

Update: Also just found out iWorld (Kelowna, Lethbridge, Regina, Saskatoon) is buying previously loved iPhones for really reasonable rates… my good condition 64GB iPhone 6 was quoted at $425 trade-in value. That’s a no-hassle score!


Where are the deals?!?

Allllllllrighty then, what are some deal and freebies we’re looking for? Don’t expect to get an iPhone 7 for any less than the prices above–no one is budging on the base prices. But there are some major deals you can score:

• iPhone monthly plan deal
• Store credit towards accessories
• Warranty included
• Unlocked iPhone (instead of locked to Carrier)
and more!

Here’s the deals I’ve found so far (This list will be updated as deals are found)


The best Canadian iPhone 7 promo deals:


1. Unlocked on carrier PLUS $100 free in-store accessories.

> This is the best deal I’ve found so far, but it’s very localized to a few prairie cities.

Where: iWorld (Kelowna – Lethbridge – Regina – Saskatoon)
Carriers: Telus, SaskTel
How to get the deal:
 Go to (or call) iWorld and get your name on their pre-order list (no cost). When you buy the iPhone at iWorld, you get $50 towards certain in-store accessories, PLUS an additional $50 when you sign a new carrier 2-year contract through their store.
Fine Print: The mulahhh $$$ towards accessories is a back-to-school promo on only until Sept 30th, 2016. But there’s no time limit on getting the unlocked phone, in case you’re reading this past that date.


2. Telus: Get 1GB of shareable bonus data for $1 per month for 24 months when you pre-order online only.

> This deal is very shmehhhhh, but at least it’s something.

Where: Telus, Online pre-order, available in all provinces, except MB. 
How to get the deal:
 Go to Telus pre-order site and you’ll see a purple banner indicating the promo.

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3. Or just win yo’self a free iPhone 7

This is a baller deal that only one person is gonna get, so not sure if this counts. But I’ll post it here anyways. You can win a Jet Black 128GB iPhone 7 from iPhoneInCanada.com by doing some social stuff. (Full disclosure, I get entries if you use this link.)


4. More deals coming as their found…

I’ve got my name down for an iPhone at iWorld, but more stores and carriers will be announcing deals in the next few days. Over the next few days I’ll be posting deals here.


Do you know about a great iPhone 7 promo not yet listed?

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